Pixels or Pencils?

The Brief:

“Use your process of learning how to work with Arduino to help your story construction. Show the steps you learnt to tell the story of how you brought your character to life.  Think- how can you use aspects of the colours (red, green and blue) to support your characters personality. RGB is an additive colour process how can this help you with your character.  What ways can you combine visual vocabulary, about mark-making using different drawing tools: pencils, pens etc with the coding steps you took to bring RGB to life. Does the red light indicate their heart pumping with life, or are they just really angry? You can use photos for some of your frames, or draw over photos. Think of some of your favourite robots.”

Drawing a Character:

I then set about to create a gender-less character, instantly I thought of shapes as there are never any genders associated with shapes:



  • Shown above was my finalised character, shown sitting on the box where my circuit would be in.

character rendering

  • Above, I did a rendering of the finalised drawing in Photoshop to allow me to see how the project would look overall.

Programming an Arduino:

To show emotion in the character I needed to program an Arduino so that it would use a RGB LED that would change colour when a button was pressed:

circuit practise 1

  • Above it is shown how I used Tinkercad to make a circuit on a breadboard and how it would be laid out.


  • Here shows the programming of the circuit on the Arduino Programming package.

Finished Glowing Character:

light up model.jpg

  • When the button is pressed the RGB light changes to a different colour.

Finished Story Board:

The story board shows how my character seemingly comes to life:

story board final.jpg


To conclude, I would say that I have successfully made a gender-less character of which it’s emotions can be shown through the use of the RGB LED circuit. As of the question, “Pixels or Pencils?” – I would say I am a mixture of the two, as I feel as you can use the strengths of both graphic and physical drawings and design to illustrate your ideas in a more effective manner than just doing one or the other.

Go to @eoc_custom_gear on instagram to view a giff of my character lighting up: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ba9jaj6Baph/


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